Alexander & Associates is a strategic negotiation practice

We support the creation and execution of agreements that greatly accelerate growth and impact. Our work is most powerful where the landscape is rapidly changing, offering the opportunity for disruptive new partnership models.

Our Approach

We combine strategy,
alignment and negotiation in
a powerful new way

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Who Works With Us

Organizations committed to
exceeding their goals through an
innovative partnership agreement

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Our Services

Strategic negotiation principles
applied across diverse settings
but all focussed on exceptional results

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“Sets the highest standards, is completely committed and has absolute integrity.”

“Through the worst crisis ever faced, the business was so strengthened; a remarkable testament to the performance revolution facilitated.”

“Both a highly skilled strategic thinker and negotiator, and has the ability to cut straight to the heart of a problem.”

“Prepared us intensively at every stage, developing a clear strategy and a powerful narrative which built and accelerated momentum, commitment and collaboration before the contract was signed.”

“The deal was dead really, but somehow was capable of pulling it back.”