We combine strategy, negotiation and performance principles in a powerful new way

Our focus is on creating power and shared interest. This in turn creates value.

We assert that power is not commensurate with size or longevity.

Power is created by analysis and preparation.



Our approach delivers results across sectors whether growth, profit, social impact or alignment. Working with us:


will close richer deals to scale more quickly


will increase profit and deepen teamwork

Public Agencies

will achieve policy goals and value for money


will create partnerships to maximize their social impact


will build dialogue to resolve conflict and deliver resources


Paul AlexanderThe firm was founded by Paul Alexander. Paul structured and negotiated a ground-breaking model which transformed Google’s service delivery platform, winning the annual engineering prize. He was subsequently selected to teach negotiation, and culture change, to Googlers globally alongside his day job.

Previously he facilitated breakthrough projects for executive teams, was on the team that raised $5bn for a telecoms start-up, developed technology patents, and ran investment approvals for a £4bn network. He holds a degree in economics and advanced degrees in engineering and international strategy and diplomacy.



A selection of thought pieces on strategic negotiation and its application to contemporary issues.

Strategic lessons from MPs’ failed attempt to stop no-deal Brexit
For a while the Parliamentary coalition against no deal had real power, but they made one fatal mistake, says strategic negotiator Paul Alexander.


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Did the anti-no-deal coalition miss their opportunity?

An ‘anti-no-deal coalition’ of cross-party MPs had assembled to prevent the UK crashing out of Europe on 31 October. A seeming success, but did they have power to do more?


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How the UK lost its Brexit leverage

The referendum was a missed opportunity to gain concessions, says strategic negotiator Paul Alexander.


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It could all have been so different: how Britain might have negotiated with Brussels

Could the right negotiation process have brought the EU and Britain closer, not torn them apart? Paul Alexander looks at how a different negotiating approach, and a different Prime Minister, might have handled Brexit in a more consensual way.


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Will legacy, progress and survival drive politicians to accept May’s hard Brexit?

The Brexit campaign win delivered a mandate without a Commons majority, a clear manifesto or a political party to support its execution. So it has fallen to MPs to balance their own interests with those of party, local party, constituency and referendum result. Those interests – principally between May, Brexit politicians, DUP, Remainer politicians, Leave and Remain voters – may finally be converging.


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“A masterpiece of negotiation. Superb performance, approaching astounding.”
Valey Kamalov, Senior Staff Engineer, Google