Covid and negotiations

Covid and negotiationsCovid has created unprecedented uncertainty. Power has shifted even more to those with deep resources. They need to use those resources wisely. Those with declining resources must adapt quickly if they are to survive.

Thinking needs to be different and urgent. Choosing who to partner with, and how, have become critical decisions. How to prepare, and execute, negotiations will decide not just contract values but firms’ futures.

Covid has both impacted and revealed. For failing negotiations firms must decide if its due just to Covid or other issues. They then need to use all their power, and insight, to create and close a more resilient and valuable deal.

Our Services

Our Services

Supporting organizations from strategy to execution of current and upcoming negotiations.

Providing short, high-impact, consulting engagements which leave clients with lasting value.

Focussing on creating power, and shared interest, to unlock your negotiation’s full potential.

Working effectively across all sectors and industries in close collaboration with your team.

Maximise Negotiation Values

By fully using your power, and shared interest, you can realise all your deals’ potential.

“He consistently created new possibilities. The deal set the company alive.”

Case study: Start-up moves from minor player to global partner

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Create Deal Momentum

Many failing negotiations could be turned around. Others take needlessly long to close.

“He pulled it back from the dead. A masterpiece of negotiation. Approaching astounding.”

Case study: 5 year breakdown to global model saving $400mn

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Collaborate New Ways

The opportunity is often missed to build deeper, and so richer, partnerships which benefit all sides.

“Our toughest challenge became an elegant framework deepening trust.”

Case study: Moving supplier to partner brings Valley giant $55mn

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Build Effective Dialogue

Finding the heart of the matter can replace conflict with highly productive engagement.

“It was a perfect storm. We survived the crisis, but so much more.”

Case study: From failing business to £300mn new revenue

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“We closed the deal within the deadline, and the opportunities it brought were transformative”
Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO Hibernia