Firms fully exploiting advantages to scale through a pivotal agreement

A strategic partnership is amongst the most effective ways for an SME to sustainably accelerate growth. The right partnership can offer financial scaling, new resource opportunities and enhanced brand reputation at little risk.

Negotiating power does not have to reside with larger entities. Both power and urgency can be created through careful selection and preparation. SMEs can fully leverage their intrinsic entrepreneurialism and nimbleness to maximize their products’ potential to attain outstanding deals.

SMEs working with us will:

  • Create new ways to identify and leverage your assets and resources
  • Convert this into a value proposition – for both existing and new partners
  • Prepare extensively the negotiation to maximize value and accelerate closure
  • Convert rapidly from strategy through deal proposition to agreement
  • Collaborate in new ways bringing deeper alignment and effectiveness.

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“The deal set the company alive and has been the foundation for our trajectory since.” 
Chris Moore, Managing Director