New pathways to sustainable agreement in politics and conflict resolution

The process from creating a fresh negotiating strategy to sustainable agreement may be successfully applied to the political and conflict resolution domains. There are clearly different constraints including less latitude to select other negotiating parties, pace of negotiations, complexity of context and the wide range of stakeholders.

However key principles can be applied effectively and in new ways. These include:

  • Turning a deep understanding of parties’ mind-sets into mutual interest
  • Building powerful new narratives and strategy
  • Suspending judgements and emotions based on previous histories
  • Enabling an environment beyond engagement to mutual commitment
  • Developing the means to convert intractable issues into sustainable agreements

We support the process through which political and conflict resolution negotiations can move to constructive dialogue and a creative new agreement.

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“Our team were able to immediately apply innovative tools to our work on the ground, as well as refine our high-level strategies.”
Oliver McTernan, Director