Live Negotiations

Supporting an existing deal to increase value and accelerate to closure

You may have a current negotiation which is stuck, or has fallen apart, or has far greater potential than is currently being exploited. You may wish to accelerate a deal to close more quickly, and with a greater degree of partnership and trust.

In all cases the potential agreement will have a lot at stake. The emphasis will be on identifying ways to substantially increase value whilst building both new momentum and trust with your opposing party(s).

We prefer a facilitated approach to strategy with your expertise and talent driving the outcomes. This supports a creative process of freshly examining your resources, and how best to leverage them in comparison with your negotiating party(s). The focus will then be on converting the strategy into execution, and a swift turnaround to support your deal becoming pivotal to future growth and impact.

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“The deal was dead really, but somehow he was capable of pulling it back. It significantly improved our market position.”
Valey Kamalov, Senior Staff Engineer