Breakthrough Deals

Creating a strategically defining agreement to accelerate your goals

Behind much great organizational success have been breakthrough deals. These may be revenue-generating, widening resources, range or other key assets. In common are their ability to rapidly increase your growth and impact.

We facilitate a powerful new conversation that both deepens internal collaboration and energizes the team. From this platform a new strategy, focused specifically around partnerships, can be developed with a significant early win at its core.

You will benefit from a high impact, short-term, intervention which:

  • Begins with a powerful new conversation energizing the team
  • Facilitates a new partnership strategy with a high value early win
  • Supports negotiation preparation at each stage of the agreement
  • Closes a pivotal new partnership to accelerate growth and impact
  • Leaves new capability, momentum and a roadmap for the future

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"The opportunities the deal brought were transformative for our future business strategy.”
Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO